In reaction to President Trump’s executive orders directing the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers to rewrite the greenhouse gas regulations, the Waters of the U.S. rule, lift the moratorium on federal coal leasing, and repeal the Clean Power Plan, organizations across Montana have issued the following statements:
“By taking swift action to correct these punitive anti-coal regulations and repeal the Clean Power Plan, the Trump administration has shown they intend to follow through with their election promises of supporting coal development and high wage jobs in Montana.” -Bud Clinch, Executive Director of the Montana Coal Council
“From the Greenhouse Gas rules and the Clean Power Plan to the moratorium on federal coal leases—coal producers were under a full -fledged assault by the Obama administration and their anti-coal agenda. We are finally seeing these efforts to kill coal being brought to a halt. The Department of Interior’s proposal of a multi-year moratorium on any new federal coal leases in Montana would have made half the coal in the state off limits to mining and development. Our coal belongs to all Montanans and this executive order will allow us to develop those resources to benefit citizens across Montana. We are incredibly grateful that President Trump is working to fix the damage done by the past administration and are hopeful that the removal of these regulations will help spur job growth in coal country.” -Shelby DeMars, Count on Coal Montana
“Federal coal tax royalties have generated close to $100 million in just the last two years. Half of that, or $50 million, gets given back to the state to pay for essential services such as education, law enforcement, and infrastructure spending. Getting rid of the moratorium pushed through by President Obama will ensure that Montana can continue producing coal and utilizing the tax revenues that it generates.”

Market Update

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