Letter to the Editor - Asselta

Dear Editor

I was happy to see one of our area's House representatives—Mr. Doug Kary—sponsored HB474. This proposed legislation would authorize $9,500 to study prospects of chartering a state central bank.


Please consider:

1. Our current national debt is $16.6 trillion; $147,275 per taxpayer.

2. In 2012 our budget deficit: $6.6 trillion.

3. Total federal obligations: $85.4 trillion.

4. The Federal Reserve spends $85 billion a month on security buying programs.

We cannot rely on policy makers in Washington. The reason U.S. citizens have a good lifestyle is because of the world currency reserve status of the United States and the might of our military. However, many countries are questioning our solvency. We continue to watch China, Germany and others diversify their holdings out of U.S. dollars. What this means for Montanans is we will suffer the consequences as the status quo are underfunded. Consequences could be the reduction of social safety net programs, continuing decay of infrastructure, decreased law enforcement, price increases, inflation. This scenario will occur in some form.

Passage of HB474 starts Montana down the road of putting our state into a position where we will be able to mitigate the effects of an economic catastrophe.

In the construction of a Montana central bank, I demand two conditions of its charter:

1. That a large fixed percentage of bank assets be held in gold and silver.

2. A sunset clause on the bank's charter. This provides for accountability.

Please tell your representative to support HB474!

Michael D. Asselta

Letter to the Editor - Reno

It is clear by now that the Federal Environmental Protection Agency intends to destroy the U.S. coal industry.

This summer, the EPA moved towards restricting coal train traffic and now there is the pending 2015 shut down of the coal fired PPL Corette Power Plant here in Billings. 

As voters we have a responsibility.  EPA is a federal agency that reports to, and works at, the direction of the Executive Branch (U.S. President).  Either make a change there or make the change in the Legislative Branch (Congress) who funds the agency, either approach works.

James E. Reno,

County Commissioner


Letter to the Editor – Taylor Brown

Fighting In Ingomar for Post Offices,

by Sen. Taylor Brown

Last Thursday I was very proud to join about 150 citizens from all across Montana, for a public meeting in Ingomar with Senator Max Baucus and the U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe.

We were there to make our case that the proposed mass closings of small rural post offices will be unfairly devastating to our businesses, our schools, and our communities.

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Letter to the Editor – Jim Roscoe

Dear Editor,

The paradox that exists with environmentalists and their movement is that they have been granted standing in our society, but our society does not require their accountability in return. By granting them standing, society has incorporated the environmental movement into society's processes, procedures and governance.

However, they are not required to be responsible for their actions. They don't generally make hard decisions, raise capital, spend wisely, engineer solutions or manage risk.

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Letter to the Editor – Roy Brown

Bullock is a Liberal's Liberal.

If Steve Bullock wins the race for Governor, it won't be long until we will wish we had Brian Schweitzer back in the Governor's chair. At least with Brian, you knew every policy revolved around his own self interests regardless of party philosophy.

But Bullock is a liberal's liberal.  He has always supported bigger government since that's the only job he has ever known. Bullock votes in lock step with job killing radical environmentalists and that means no support for oil, gas, coal, and all the tax revenues they bring to our State. He fully supports the government take over of our health care.

 My vote will go to Rick Hill, an experienced small business man and fiscal conservative. He has the ideas we need to get government out of the way so small businesses and entrepreneurs can take our great State in the right direction.

If you want bigger government, higher taxes, more regulations, and increased unemployment, Steve Bullock is your man. If you want smaller, more efficient government, lower taxes, less burdensome regulations, and more good paying jobs, the only choice in this race is Rick Hill.

Roy Brown

Billings Mt


Letter to the Editor – O'Toole

My name is Marlee O'Toole I entered the Science Fair this year with a project about baking soda in banana bread. I was chosen to receive your award for best presentation in the second grade. I want you to know that I appreciate that you chose me. Thank you so very much for that. I look forward to seeing you next year.



Letter to the Editor – Dahl, Robbins and Abel

Dear Editor,

Landowners in central and eastern Montana received a letter from Fish, Wildlife and Parks last week that essentially threatened them with extortion.

Since 2008 FWP has restricted hunting opportunity in these specific areas, with a goal of coercing more access to private land for hunting. FWP mistakenly assumed that a landowner would bargain away private property rights for the price of an elk permit.  Instead, the limit has been directly responsible for millions of dollars in lost tourism revenue to the surrounding communities, as well as less access to private land for public hunting.

With this recent letter FWP is attempting to pass off a few extra permits as an “incentive” that landowners should be grateful for and therefore bend to FWP’s will, or face the consequences.  They are telling landowners that if more access is not given and elk harvest increased, they will further reduce bull elk permits in these areas.  The letter states, “If there is no increased harvest, the Commission has identified reducing bull permit numbers as a potential if not likely management response.”

These attacks on property rights have resulted in the worst landowner/sportsman relations in recent history, and a near all-time low in hunting license sales. Instead of recognizing the uncompensated contribution private landowners make to wildlife habitat, FWP seems hell-bent on imposing their will, and public access, onto private land.  Landowners are fed up with these tactics.

Dave Abel, Toby Dahl and Deanna Robbins

Directors, United Property Owners of Montana

Roy, MT


Letter to Editor... I-166 Supporters Misinformed

I was interviewed on I-166 for the May 24th evening news on KBZK TV Bozeman by Christina Lysacek. Whether intentional or not, the story that ran distorted the facts and misinformed viewers. 

In her interview with me, Ms. Lysacek began by asking me why the Montana Farm Bureau Federation opposed I-166 when small business owners she had spoken to supported the initiative, which was going to keep large corporations in the words of our governor, from stealing our government.

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Letter to the Editor - Marbut

Dear Editor,

Governor’s Schweitzer’s veto message for HB 271 is factually incorrect on several important counts.  These obvious inaccuracies do not commend the Governor for his knowledge, or for his choice of advisers on this issue.

HB 271 would have allowed concealed firearm carry (“permitless carry”) inside city limits in Montana, as has been the case outside city limits (99.4% of Montana) for two decades without any identifiable incidence of problems.

Schweitzer claimed that HB 271 would have adversely impacted officers of the Montana Highway Patrol and county sheriffs departments, yet these agencies operate primarily outside cities where permitless carry has been the uneventful norm for 20 years.

The Governor also claims that HB 271 would void the existing concealed weapon permit process.  Wrong again.  A plain reading of HB 271 shows that it does not touch upon the existing permit process, which leaves permits entirely in place for those wishing permits for out-of-state travel or instant gun buys.

It’s obvious that the Governor didn’t even read HB 271 before doing a quick draw with his staged branding iron and completely missing the target.  Having been urged by both the NRA and MSSA to support HB 271, the Governor now wears a self-inflicted veto brand on his political foot from his quick-draw miss, yet another case of ready, fire, aim.

Gary Marbut, President

Montana Shooting Sports Association,

Missoula, MT



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