Dear Editor,
There are currently two bills before Congress which will compromise the property rights of Montanans.
S. 3013, the CSKT Water Settlement Compact Act, sponsored by Senator Tester will greatly expand the already flawed CSKT Water Compact, which unjustly transfers control of 20% of state waters to the Tribes and Feds, destroying private water and property rights for those living in the affected areas. This egregious bill will also set the broad precedent for the Feds, via the Tribes, to confiscate state waters across all the Western States.
Next is S. 3014, the Tribal Forestry Act, sponsored by Senator Daines, which hands over the management of our national forests to the tribes. This bill is in contradiction to Western States legislators and citizens’ request for the rightful transfer of these lands back to the states for proper jurisdiction and management, as is the situation for States east of the Rockies. Montana has suffered disastrous and costly wildfires due to incompetent Federal management. Will the tribes, considered a sovereign nation, controlled by the Feds do a better job?
Because of their actions, our Senators and Congressman have been dubbed “coin-operated politicians”, working for the highest bidder able to drop enough coins in their pockets. Because of the enormous amounts of taxpayer monies that can be funneled into unaccountable “sovereign nation trust accounts”, this racket can be likened to a Black Hole or Money Laundering Machine for special interests and agendas.
Please call Senator Tester (202)224-2644 and Senator Daines (202)224-2651 and ask them to them to gut/rescind S. 3013 and S.3014 as these unconstitutional bills would hurt Montana and Montanans while benefitting special interests and agendas associated with the Federalist Takeover of our lands.
Mae Woo
Billings, MT

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