Dear Editor,

The paradox that exists with environmentalists and their movement is that they have been granted standing in our society, but our society does not require their accountability in return. By granting them standing, society has incorporated the environmental movement into society's processes, procedures and governance.

However, they are not required to be responsible for their actions. They don't generally make hard decisions, raise capital, spend wisely, engineer solutions or manage risk.


We all have to live on this planet and our sustenance come from  the earth, the air, and the biosphere. What we breathe in comes from somewhere else, What we breathe out is used by yet another.

Getting what we need to live requires effort and work. Criticism is useful to create awareness but a critic's legitimacy is and always will be judged by his or her willingness to participate in the strenuous and difficult effort of creating solutions. Strident, continuous criticism devoid of action is a hollow gong.

Jim Roscoe

Billings, Mt


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