Bullock is a Liberal's Liberal.

If Steve Bullock wins the race for Governor, it won't be long until we will wish we had Brian Schweitzer back in the Governor's chair. At least with Brian, you knew every policy revolved around his own self interests regardless of party philosophy.

But Bullock is a liberal's liberal.  He has always supported bigger government since that's the only job he has ever known. Bullock votes in lock step with job killing radical environmentalists and that means no support for oil, gas, coal, and all the tax revenues they bring to our State. He fully supports the government take over of our health care.

 My vote will go to Rick Hill, an experienced small business man and fiscal conservative. He has the ideas we need to get government out of the way so small businesses and entrepreneurs can take our great State in the right direction.

If you want bigger government, higher taxes, more regulations, and increased unemployment, Steve Bullock is your man. If you want smaller, more efficient government, lower taxes, less burdensome regulations, and more good paying jobs, the only choice in this race is Rick Hill.

Roy Brown

Billings Mt


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