Well we pretty much thought that talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline was wrapped up until we stumbled across new information that had hardly been discussed in the local media. We feel compelled to tell you about these disturbing facts as we continue to see an endless parade of sob stories about protesters standing up for a cause. We find it appalling that the mainstream media has clearly neglected to do any reporting in the last several months on livestock and other animals that were killed or stolen. So let’s bring you up to date.
At least on two occasions in December and January, The ND Game and Fish Dept. documented three separate instances where deer were illegally killed near the Cannonball River near the protest camp.
According to the ND Stockman’s Assn., 14 bison valued at between $40,000 and $49,000 were slaughtered; another 37 cows were stolen and killed; one bull, valued between $2500 and $12,000 was killed; two horses and three pigs were also taken. Sen. John Hoeven described as “appalling” the butchering and stealing of livestock and appealed for federal law enforcement help. There was no response from Obama.
Now, also in the aftermath of these protestors, we have over 250 dump truck loads of garbage that Morton County had to haul out form the abandoned protestor’s camp because it could cause toxic conditions to happen in the spring runoff. The hypocrisy is just unbelievable. Protestors, who were duped into coming to North Dakota, claimed they were there to defend the environment, stand up for the rights of the local Indians and defend possible contamination of the water supply. What a bunch of suckers. Even local do -gooders got misled when they too joined the “cause.”
Actions speak louder than words. Folks who think it’s okay to take someone else’s animals, slaughter and eat them and dump their garbage all over the land are living in a different world.
Incredible as it may seem, these anarchist groups are still raising money for the protestors.
I should know. I was hit up for a contribution. It came from the sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund, which has raised $2,921,080, according to its Internet web site and is still soliciting. We know that a lot of those protestors were getting paid and we have told you about that before. . . one group was hiring “professional pipeline fighters.”
But how do we really know all that money actually got into the hands of every demonstrator that showed up with good intentions?
Here’s some other hard cold facts you may not have heard about: The price tag for law enforcement is at $22.3 million, and 94 percent of 556 protestors arrested were from out of state. Of those arrested, 182 had criminal records and another 25 had a history of violence.
So add on to this the reality of Dakota Access Pipeline. The right of way being disputed about a 1.5 mile strip of federal land — not Indian tribal land — that includes the underground route under Lake Oahe where there are already existing pipelines.
So what we have here is a bunch of criminal thugs financed by left wing anarchists, who steal cattle and buffalo and leave their garbage for others to dispose of and masquerade in front of the media as something they are not.

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