Corner Bookstand Underscores Cultural Differences

A friend recently reported on world travels, to note a distinct difference of life in Peru. Vendors peddle books on street corners. Not flowers or tacos (although they do have vendors selling those things too), but books. Could anyone imagine such an endeavor being successful anywhere in the US?
And they weren’t just any books – not comic books or Harlequin Romances.

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Words Without Meaning

Most of us sold US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, short.
When she said “first we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it,” she apparently knew that it didn’t matter what mere words meant.
She was forthright in her assessment that what the law says is irrelevant; it would be interpreted and implemented as political agendas necessitated. She seemed to anticipate that the Supreme Court would contort plain English to whatever meaning was necessary to advance statism.

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Force is Immoral

When two civil liberties seem to be in conflict, one with the other, perhaps one must check their basic premises. One must go back and determine what they know (or don’t know) about the Bill of Rights.

First it should be remembered that the whole point of the Bill of Rights was to protect the individual citizen against the over reach of government. It was not intended to dictate how individuals should interact with each other. The Bill of Rights is all about restraining government, not citizens. It is the government that is not supposed to discriminate in how it deals with citizens.

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A Rose by Any Other Name

As the concept of Capitalism has fallen increasingly out of favor — as free markets and profits and production and responsibility and self-interest — have become concepts disdained, one has to wonder how the next generations will survive.
It’s difficult to sustain one’s life and that of your family, if you live in a society which abhors the philosophical perspective one must have in order to do that. How do you function in a world where the basic premise is to sacrifice yourself to the neighbors or the community or to nature?

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Real Shopping

It was probably 25 years ago, that I was astounded by predictions from field representatives of the National Federation of Independent Business, saying it would be just a matter of time before there would only be three or four major retailers in every product sector in the US. Part of my astonishment was in the indifference with which they imparted the news – here were representatives of a mom-and-pop business organization, essentially yawning in the face of news about the certain demise of their membership. They probably didn’t know.

All I heard in their words was “lack of choice”, “mediocrity,” “limited competition,” “little innovation” and “booorring.” As one looks around today one has to know the truth of their predictions – even establishments which have different storefront names are owned by the same company. Go from one mall to another in any part of the country and one will see exactly the same stores – whether its clothes, furniture or sports equipment – no need to travel to shop.

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Why We Celebrate Business by Evelyn Pyburn

Why celebrate business?

Why embrace “the profit motive” when so many vehemently eschew it.

Why advance commerce as an elementary civic enterprise?

Because business and commerce as practiced in an environment of individual liberty and free markets is not only the fount of all wealth, innovation  and  production in support of human life, but it is the essential thread woven into the fabric of civilized society.  Capitalism — pure and untarnished by the coercive actions of government which at best  becomes “crony Capitalism” — is the community of activity and exchange that generates the only solution to poverty, human suffering and destitution.

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The Real Crime by Evelyn Pyburn

In case you missed it, parents are being arrested for letting their children walk to the park or for letting them play alone in the park. It’s happening with alarming frequency – in Maryland, in South Carolina, in Florida.

A Maryland family was twice accosted by law enforcement. The second time police abducted the children from the park and did not take them home or inform the parents. They let the parents worry until 10:30 pm., believing somehow that the trauma of being separated from their parents, in the hands of Child Services, was better for the children.

What is happening to the world? Are we so long past the time in which children were allowed freedom to play, that ignorant social workers or cops don’t know that it should be normal to see children at play in their communities?

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Some Thoughts.... By Evelyn Pyburn

Big Cities in Montana want the state legislature to pass a “local option tax.” Don’t know what that is? That might be because the advocates don’t want you to know. They have said so, repeatedly. They have urged others not to identify it by its real name – “sales tax”. That says they believe that if people understood what it is, people would oppose it. It’s an admission that they hope to dupe taxpayers. This is what makes people hate politics and distrust politicians.  Is this the best we can expect from “leadership?” It doesn’t matter the issue, or the pros and cons of it, such strategy speaks mostly to the ethics and integrity of the individuals involved. No matter who you are or what you are doing, if it doesn’t bear the light of day (truth) then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

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Market Update

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