Anti-Capitalism No New Trend; Socialism No Solution for Poor

Millennials are untrusting of free markets and are rejecting Capitalism. Such is the most recent breaking news according to talking heads throughout media.
How “newsy” this trend really is has to be questioned. Just because the youngest among us have joined the band wagon doesn’t make it a new aspect of our culture or politics. Anti-Capitalism policies and philosophies have advanced more and more with each decade, for at least 50 years, and it all began in earnest going back to the “reset” of the New Deal, when the depression was blamed on Capitalism without question, despite huge governmental tinkering in economics.

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CPP “Not Necessary”

For all the anxiety about the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the irony is, it is probably not really necessary.
“Left alone and given some federal standards, we could probably do this – we just need some time and flexibility,” said Steve Tomac of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, in speaking to members of the Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative’s annual meeting, last week.

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It’s about Time

t is with great joy, that I heard that young women were insulted when confronted with the idea that they should support Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman, or that “it’s time to have a woman president.”
The fact that over the past few decades there has been little push-back from women against that mantra, no matter who the female candidate might be, made a person kind of wonder if women really were smart enough to vote.

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Limitless Opportunity by Evelyn Pyburn

In such a busy world it is easy to quickly note the Montana businesses which have been recognized with the SBA Small Business awards, and scan on by without giving more than a passing thought, but I would urge readers to take a second look and ponder a moment, that which we all take so very much for granted about all small businesses in our communities.

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When Rigging the System is Good

During the recent controversy regarding the zoning around the airport there were often comments that made anyone who believes in property rights, cringe, time and time again. Not that that is anything new.
Overtime, our society has moved from having a profound respect for the rights of the individual, who has invested dearly for the legal authority to use a piece of land, to the idea that an individual can only use their property if it meets the approval of their neighbors and bureaucrats. Our society has come to function as though a mob of people who have invested nothing in a particular piece of property, should have just as much to say about it as the owner. If that is the case, what is the point of owning property?
There were comments at the hearing that indicated that to change regulations to accommodate the needs of the property owner was nothing more than bowing to moneyed-interests. The complaint was actually to say that the whole system is rigged in favor of the property owner. If only!
The amazing thing should be that in the United States of America a property owner has to go before a public tribunal with hat in hand. That they have to pay significant legal and permitting fees and other alms to a system that pays but the slightest attention to the needs, desires and whims of the property owner, is anathema to the very concept of freedom.
The whole system is SUPPOSED to be “rigged” in favor of the property owner! If individual citizens are to have freedom to control their own lives and their own destiny, then indeed, being able to determine how to use the property they hold is absolutely essential. Without private property rights there is no individual freedom.
There are many benefits that flow from the ability of the common man to own and hold property. The process is one that generates the greatest economic strength for the entire community. For an entrepreneur to identify a need and act to provide it requires the ability to acquire and use property – often against prevailing wisdom. Such is the hallmark of innovation and new markets. The ability for original thinkers to break from the pack, to rise above and to follow through on their ideas, is an absolute necessity to consistently improve our standard of living.
Private property can be an investment for an individual’s future.
Private property is the most effective and efficient means for individual security.
Private property girders the right to privacy. Privacy is not a stand-alone right, it is inherent in private property rights and due process laws.
Private property rights should actually be used as one of the more just means of protecting property values. If controlling their view shed, or the disturbance of commercial activity is a concern for a home owner, then they should buy the property and attach restrictions to it if they re-sell it. Only a few weeks ago, the owner of a new business in Billings demonstrated such a common sense approach, in stating in an interview, that he bought the property adjacent to his new business, “So I can control how it’s used.”
What a novel idea! Purchase the right to determine the use, rather than appeal to the clout and coercive forces of government.
“Oh, but that is too expensive!” the unthinking will proclaim.
No, dah! Is it any less expensive for the property owner who is being coerced? No! which is demonstrative of how land use controls are a “taking” – a theft of property. How blatant is the theft, becomes even more apparent if one understands that the right to control the use of property is ALL that PROPERTY OWNERSHIP is.
“Private property rights are standing room for the individual,” said Isabel Paterson, a constitutional expert who years ago wrote “The God of the Machine.” Before the US Constitution, never before, in all the world, in all history, were the common people — the “unwashed” — allowed the premier status of being property owners. It is by far the most precious of civil liberties, and it is alarming that most people do not understand its significance to their well-being.
For the well-being of our individual lives, of our communities, of our economy and of our country, being able to own property and control how it is used, is far more important than any urban / growth / social problem no matter how legitimate the problem might otherwise be. Without property rights, not much else matters.

You are the “Stash”

Some years ago the city wanted to tax utilities for using right-of-ways or easements to run their lines. The city wanted the money to fill their coffers in a way that many people seemed to think would only sock-it-to the big bad companies. When the companies pushed back to declare that charges would only mean higher prices to their customers, which meant that the citizens would still be paying an additional city tax – there seemed to be total disbelief, or a pretense of it, anyway.

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So then there’s this....

In passing a bill to incentivize vendors to give away waste product, Italy will be the second European country to legislate against food waste. In February, France banned vendors from throwing away or destroying food that is unsold or nearing its expiration date. Offenders of the French law could be slapped with a penalty of 3,750 euros ($4,164). Italy hopes to incentivize surplus product donations by lowering taxes and cutting red tape for vendors that want to give away food.

Biting the Apple

I agree with Apple in its refusal to provide the US government with a means to access anyone’s electronic messages, anytime they choose. But, I also find Apple’s willingness to compromise on fundamental principles of human rights, as they eagerly embrace markets under abusive governments in other countries, downright revolting – as I do all US companies (and there are a lot) who willingly capitulate every semblance of moral integrity as they pursue such markets. And, Apple does work hand-in –glove with dictators of the world as they exercise exactly the kind of abuses that Apple claims to be resisting in refusing to capitulate to the US Government.

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Who should make it happen?

In listening to the energy industry representatives and others familiar with the politics of trying to expand business in Montana, at the Energy Briefing, I was struck by the mental gyrations that sincere and well-meaning people were going through trying to figure out how to effectively replace the energy production that will be lost with the enactment of the President’s Clean Power Plan.

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Market Update

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+45.82 (0.22%)    
2 S&P 2,365.61
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3 NASDAQ 5,904.76
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-0.14 (-0.52%)    
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-0.15 (-0.75%)    
7 FIBK 40.05
+1.10 (2.82%)    
8 GBCI 34.08
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