So what's all the fuss about fake news? Fake news only works because the media has so totally failed in its role. It goes along with the saying that "nature abhors a vacuum." There is absolutely nothing new about "fake news" except the term now used to identify it. More "fake news" emerges because the media has, for a very long time now, in a very partisan and in a very unprofessional way, "advocated" for issues, agendas and causes, rather than report. In the absence of real news, fake news has found a perch. How rich it was to hear Hillary Clinton, of all people, complaining about fake news, having "misspoke" so often in her political career. The media has advocated for so long now, that not only has it become difficult to separate truth from untruth, but Americans have come to expect disinformation, false information or half information. News consumers do not expect their news to be accurate anymore - so they make little effort to differentiate one report from another. During a recent Congressional hearing it was revealed that -- maybe taking a cue from US media -- Russia is buying up European media outlets in a strategy to misinform and manipulate the European population. One person testifying at the hearing said, in regard to how to counter Russia's apparent strategy, that the best way to undermine it was for the government to be transparent and to make sure the people knew the truth about what government is doing. A very profound point to make. False information quickly disintegrates in the face of truth. Sadly, the idea was quickly taken up by Senator McCain, who declared there is a need to have an official government information center. Really? The fact is an open and free and professional media would totally fill the need better than government. That possibility never occurred to a single person involved in the hearing - or if it did they didn't speak it - maybe for fear of being laughed out of the building. But in lieu of a free and honest press doing the job of accurately informing the people, to have a government run information agency is certainly not the answer. Surely even a child can see the potential, and almost certain outcomes, associated with such an entity. That Senator McCain hasn't got a clue speaks volumes about a man who would be president. What just happened with the objectivity of the IRS, or DOJ, or FBI? With so many different agencies of government having been so obviously politicized during the last Presidential reign - not to mention other administrations -one should not have to point out the folly of establishing another government agency that would be such a soft target for political manipulation. The ideal solution is that EVERY government agency and political figure, should be forthcoming, prompt and honest in providing information to the American people. To create another agency that would somehow compensate for the fact that no other aspect of government can be trusted, is laughable.

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