• December 31, 2016: 30-year-old female allegedly stabbed by a 28-year-old male outside of Glasgow, resulting in the woman’s death. The man admitted to consuming meth prior to the stabbing.January 25, 2017: 31-year-old male shot and killed in a Helena motel parking lot. A pound of meth was found at the scene.
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  • Roughly half of all small business owners say regulations are a “very serious” or “somewhat serious problem,” according to new research made public recently by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
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  • Some days one has to wonder what we are doing to our children.At every turn young people are stymied in pursuing anything which might help them understand the world in which they live, get to know themselves or to build a future.
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  • Well we pretty much thought that talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline was wrapped up until we stumbled across new information that had hardly been discussed in the local media. We feel compelled to tell you about these disturbing facts as we continue to see an endless parade of sob stories about protesters standing up for a cause. We find
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  • Over the years in reporting on business in Montana, and as once more I see the dismal rating of Montana in the SBE study about the kind of environment in which entrepreneurs must function, I am struck at how little difference reality makes in political circles.
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  • Coal Montana spokesperson, Shelby DeMars, issued the following statement in response to Senator Tester's vote to support the Stream Protection Rule that would jeopardize Montana coal jobs:
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  • President Trump wasted no time issuing executive orders to move stalled pipeline projects forward; the Keystone XL and Dakota Access. TransCanada filed a new application to complete the tri-state pipeline from Alberta to Nebraska, including a bypass in Montana for Williston Basin crude from the Bakken. The Army Corps of Engineers has been directed to expedite the decision to grant
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  • USA Today recently announced what must be, at best, an incredibly shallow assessment and comparison of governments, around the world, with the conclusion that the US is a "failed democracy." It's failed because "trust in government, political parties and leaders had plummeted to extremely low levels' in the US..."according to a research arm of the publication, The Economist.
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  • So what's all the fuss about fake news? Fake news only works because the media has so totally failed in its role. It goes along with the saying that "nature abhors a vacuum." There is absolutely nothing new about "fake news" except the term now used to identify it. More "fake news" emerges because the media has, for a very
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