Shareholder Activists Challenge Coca-Cola’s Drift to Left

Shareholder activists affiliated with the National Center for Public Policy Research recently asked Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent and Coke’s board of directors to address growing shareholder concerns that the beverage giant is promoting public policies that are at odds with its stated goals and values.

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Uber Conflict Grows

The showdown between Uber and Pennsylvania has escalated, and it’s getting expensive.
A pair of Pennsylvania judges on Tuesday recommended a massive $50 million fine against ride-sharing company Uber for operating in the state without a license and for resisting the state Public Utility Commission’s efforts to obtain information about how many rides Uber has provided in the state.
Sometimes public officials are concerned about the letter of the law.

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Study Shows No Harm from GMOs

“The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine have reaffirmed what thousands of other studies have found, and what farmers, scientists and educated consumers have known all along: genetically engineered crops are safe and beneficial to agriculture, human health and the environment, announced Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation.

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Entrepreneurs Will Compete for $145,000 in Start-up Funds

The American Farm Bureau Federation has opened online applications for its third Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge. Entrepreneurs will compete for $145,000 in startup funds.
The competition provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase ideas and business innovations that benefit rural regions of the United States. It is the first national rural business competition focused exclusively on innovative entrepreneurs working on food and agriculture businesses.

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NAM Urges Congress To Make Small Business Tax Breaks Permanent

The Business Journals’ Washington bureau predicts lawmakers this month will raise, as they did in December 2014, the limit under current law for small businesses to take advantage of a tax break known as Section 179 expensing. However, “business groups want Congress to end the guessing game” on whether that and other tax provisions “will be available in a given year by making these tax breaks permanent.”

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Business News Roundup

For-Profit Colleges Offer Remedy
Robert Cherry, an economics professor at Brooklyn College, argues that the federal government should be helping for-profit schools improve instead of targeting them for extermination, because they could play a critical role in solving the current labor-skills mismatch. Such schools produce 18% of the nation’s associate degrees, including 400,000 in STEM fields in 2012, at a time when postsecondary education is more important than ever for Americans to improve their labor prospects, Cherry says.

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Immigration Law Creates Catch 22

A new federal guidance for employers illustrates the Catch-22 situation that immigration law creates for them: Businesses cannot employ anybody who is not legally residing in the U.S., but trying to determine if any of their employees are not legal residents can result in the business facing a federal discrimination lawsuit.
In other words, it can be illegal for an employer to try to find out if it is complying with the law.

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Fed Regs Push Rail Out of Market In Favor of Crude Imports

As East Coast refiners reject North Dakota crude oil coming in by rail in favor of imported crude, the short-term leasing rates for tanker cars has dropped from $2000 to $475 a month, according to Genscape.
“The appetite for Bakken delivered by rail and crude tank cares subsided after US East Coast and Gulf Coast refiners recently found it increasingly economical to import more foreign crudes, and more of the production from North Dakota began to move by pipeline.”

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Market Update

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