Montana has a new healthcare company - Big Sky Mobile Imaging, based in the Flathead Valley. The company provides mobile X-ray services to those who have an illness or acquire injuries and are in need of X-ray services right where they are, without the stress of having to transport to the emergency room or urgent care. Founder, Nathan Purdy, says that he aims to change the way healthcare is delivered, and that begins with bringing healthcare directly to the people who need it. He plans to provide the service statewide. Mobile X-rays are a common service in almost all of the USA, but Big Sky Mobile will be the first provider in Montana. It's a service that is especially needed in a rural state like Montana, according to Purdy. "";Our service is straightforward and simple; we take X-rays in people's homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, prisons, clinics that do not provide X-rays, and really anywhere people find themselves in need of X-ray service." Purdy saw the need for such a service as a result of his experience in the healthcare industry. He said his ispiratio came in two parts. First, ";My recent overseas travels and work experience in Bangkok which allowed me to spearhead the first international healthcare clinic in Myanmar/Burma." And second, ";My experience with both of my grandfathers residing in a nursing home that I ran in Whitefish, Montana. Both grandfathers could have easily received healthcare service in the home had it been available, which made me see the need for in-home health service of all kinds." Purdy said ";I realized that Montana lacked the in-home services that the rest of the United States has so readily available. Mobile imaging is the first spoke on a wheel of healthcare services that I would like to bring into the homes of Montana residents." Purdy believes that technology is almost to the point where a lot of basic services can be provided in the home. I understand that regulations and current healthcare policies are behind the times and that it takes people to push the envelope and bring about new ideas to create change before major organizations and companies and regulatory bodies are willing to adjust their policies. I think we will have to be out there providing evidence-based service before the lagging, outdated policies will change to better serve the people. Purdy is a medical school graduate with a business degree. "";Growing up on a ranch in northwestern Montana motivated me to get the heck out of Montana! I really thought that I wanted to get out of Montana as fast as I could, but everywhere I went, the more I appreciated the lessons I learned in Montana, and as I grew I understood the importance of what I learned throughout my upbringing," said Purdy. Purdy launched his new enterprise in December of 2015. The company is now serving the populations within a 60-90 mile radius of the areas of Kalispell, Missoula, Butte, Helena, Bozeman, and Great Falls.

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