GTUIT, LLC, a Billings-based company, announced that the firm has been participating, since December 2015, in what is thought to be the world's first well site production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from captured flare gas. GTUIT conditions the raw associated gas removing water and the bulk of the heavier hydrocarbons (natural gas liquids) and feeds the dry, conditioned gas to a Galileo CryoBox which produces between 7,800 and 8,500 gallons of LNG per day.

The CryoBox is owned and operated by Terra Energy Group. This first site-based, transportable LNG production unit is currently operating in the North Dakota Bakken and is converting natural gas that would otherwise be flared into clean-burning LNG. The LNG is used to replace diesel fuel and propane to power oil field equipment such as drill rigs and frac water heaters. The flaring of stranded natural gas is common in many oil producing regions of the world. "This project demonstrates the technical feasibility of utilizing small-scale LNG technology as a comprehensive solution to capture stranded gas in those regions that lack adequate gas pipeline infrastructure. Conversion of this gas to LNG creates a transportable fuel that can be used for local power generation or to off-set field use of diesel or propane. Focused, field proven technologies like these reduce overall emissions, improve economics and prevent waste of a valuable energy resource." said Brian Cebull, President and CEO of GTUIT. Terra Energy, LLC produces, transports and provides logistics support for LNG users. The firm's Galileo CryoBox well site unit process 7,000-9,000 gallons of LNG per day while the Terra Energy logistics group provides storage and transportation services to service client's natural gas fueled drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment and operations. The firm provides the full range of NGL fuel service to exploration and production, well completion and transportation operations.

GTUIT is an industry leader of well-site level associated gas processing that includes innovative hydrogen sulfide removal and gas processing using mobile and modular equipment to recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) and to condition fuel gas. GTUIT provides both proprietary equipment and best-in-class field service with systems that are mobile and scalable. GTUIT has processed over 1 BCF of associated gas. The firm is focused on providing innovative solutions for stranded gas processing, timely manufacturing and industry leading service that creates value for its customers.

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