Wild Horse Seeds - Reaping What They Sow

In our world of modern conveniences, it can sometimes go overlooked that many of the foods lining our grocery store shelves did not originate in a factory. The most basic ingredient in a box of cereal or a bag of Oreos for that matter did indeed grow out of the soil - from a tiny seed; a tiny seed that also grew the forage to nourish the livestock that rounds out your dinner plate with a hearty helping of protein.

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Launches Dream

Gracia Barr always dreamed of owning her own business, but when the opportunity presented itself she wasn’t sure she was ready. However, the opportunity to purchase The Nail Institute and own a school that served the industry which had been so much a part of her life, was just too much the perfect fit. So with the urging and support of her husband, PJ, the Barrs plunged into business ownership.

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Entry Jobs for College Grads in Montana

ZIPPIA, The Career Expert Beta recently ranked the best jobs available in Montana for 2017 college graduates.
They were:
1. Cost Estimators
2. Paralegals and Legal Assistants
3. Recreation Workers
4. Insurance Sales Agents
5. Human Resources Specialists
6. Coaches and Scouts
7. Social and Human Service Assistants
To determine the ranking ZIPPIA reported that they combined data from various sources and produced a master database for every profession. They looked at the following criteria:
* Location quotient. A measure of how common a job is a given state.
* Only for jobs in Montana that require a college degree.
* Average annual entry level salary .
* Projected growth as an industry over the next 10 years.
By limiting the dataset to only those jobs that require a bachelors degree, they were left with only seven jobs to rank. Those jobs were then ranked.

Ag Moves into Technology Era

The upbeat news in agriculture in Montana is all about pulse crops (lentils and peas) with prices expected to rise and production increasing by 75 percent, while more traditional farm production has suffered price declines over the past couple of years. George Haynes of the Department Economics and Agricultural Economics and Extension Economics at MSU, called the emerging importance of pulse crops a “remarkable story,” in speaking to the attendees of the Economic Outlook Seminar in Billings on Jan. 31.

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Montana Jobs Not Well Positioned

Attracting a more educated and younger labor force to Montana is necessary to shore up the state’s economy, but to do so is more complicated than it may seem.
And, is Montana sure that that’s what it wants? quizzed Bryce Ward, an economist with the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) during the BBER’s 42 Annual Montana Economic Outlook for 2017.

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Big Sky Mobile Imaging -- Montana’s Only Mobile XRay Service

Montana has a new healthcare company — Big Sky Mobile Imaging, based in the Flathead Valley. The company provides mobile X-ray services to those who have an illness or acquire injuries and are in need of X-ray services right where they are, without the stress of having to transport to the emergency room or urgent care.

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Market Update

1 DOW 20,821.76
+11.44 (0.05%)    
2 S&P 2,367.34
+3.53 (0.15%)    
3 NASDAQ 5,845.31
+9.80 (0.17%)    
4 MDU 27.13
+0.08 (0.30%)    
5 SWC 17.06
+0.01 (0.06%)    
6 EBMT 20.05
-0.20 (-0.99%)    
7 FIBK 44.20
+0.05 (0.11%)    
8 GBCI 36.95
-0.21 (-0.57%)