The Muzzle Loader's Famous Chicken Fried Steak... less than $10.00. Hand-breaded, made fresh daily and available for breakfast and dinner!

Boasting (and broasting various entrees), The Muzzle Loader's regionally famous, signature Chicken Fried Steak is by far it's largest ordered menu item on their menu. Brought to you sizzlin' hot, with your choice of vegetable, potato and either brown or cream gravy.

Ahhh, try one for breakfast with eggs, hash browns and your choice of fresh bread or toast. If you have one for dinner, it comes with a mini-loaf of bread.


In addition to the showcase entrée, Marlon and Renae Engberg, owners and managers of The Muzzle Loader, offer an array of "good ol' western style" breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In fact, they serve breakfast all day!

The Muzzle Loader has been at its present (and original) location at 4912 Laurel Road in Billings, since its founding in 1956. It's open 6 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and as many businesses do, give those two days to their employees to spend time with their families.

Marlon and Renae bought The Muzzle Loader in 2003, and in 2008 built it new. The original building was razed for the bright, well designed and appealing structure we have today.

Renae and Marlon have enjoyed a surge of new business, as the interior dining area is larger, sporting nine new tables, 16 booths and a nine-chair counter for diners that would rather have a single seat. Ergonomic lighting, augmented by lots of smartly designed natural lighting, gives a bright welcome feeling, as The Muzzle Loader encourages a relaxed, come as you are attitude. The dining area has a down home country feeling.

Augmenting the rustic atmosphere, are rural paintings, an old sitting/waiting pew and three mounted, actual functioning muzzle loader rifles.

Marlon won't say what they're worth, and you'll get a firm, "they're not for sale," if you ask.

 Marlon also applauds the increase of his parking lot to an ample 20,000 square feet and plenty of handicap parking.

The serving staff is also to be commended for their friendliness and efficiency. Linda and Jonella, each, have twenty years with The Muzzle Loader.

Another favorite at the Muzzle Loader is The Omelets. We treated our Navy Veteran daughter to The Omelet. She brags about the substantially large meals served on board ship when she was in the Navy, but her eyes widened as she stared at The Omelet's plump rotundity. She could only finish about two thirds of it.

The Muzzle Loader features a daily special, and on Monday it's an oddly popular treat, Liver and Onions, wrapped in bacon. I, a "lover of liver," can attest to its succulent sweetness, smothered in sweet grilled white onions. And yes, as they say, you have to acquire a taste for beef liver, you either love it, or forget it.

Another favorite of many of The Muzzle Loader's patrons is their Chicken Wing appetizer, a meal in itself, for certain. Their flavor reminds me of my childhood days - running home from Taft School to grandma's back door, to the aroma of my grandma's fried chicken.

Unique to The Muzzle Loader — they peel and prepare their own potatoes daily for each meal, and those of us who have spent countless hours in military KP (kitchen police) peeling "spuds" can appreciate the work, and the TLC that goes into real mashed potatoes.

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