Billings Clinic announces the installation of a Magnetrom Skyra 3T Open Bore MRI and a Magnetrom Aera 1.5T Open Bore MRI system from Siemens Healthcare. In the past MRI exams have not always been comfortable for or well tolerated by certain patient groups, including the elderly, obese (up to 550 pounds) individuals or those who experience claustrophobia, excessive pain or limited mobility. This is due to the relatively small doughnut-like opening where the patient lies, called the bore, and the long tube-like structure of the machine, which can feel confining. However, the Magnetorom Skyra’s large 70-cm open bore – along with its ultra-short length can reduce patients’ anxiety and help put them at ease.

The new equipment, the 3.0T Open Bore MRI, the 1.5T Open Bore MRI, and a new 64 slice PET/CT, offers a greater level of comfort for patients, increased capabilities, and the latest technology with the most powerful clinical magnets available.



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exams have become one of the fastest growing types of medical diagnostic tests in the United States, due, in large part, to its ability to provide non-invasive diagnostic images of soft tissues, bone, fat and muscles and to help in the detection and diagnosis of a variety of health conditions, including orthopedic injuries, breast cancer, neurological disorders and cardiac diseases.

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