Author of Western Novels Aided by Technological Advancements

One of the more wonderful aspects of technology is the unleashing of local writing talent.

Local media has been full of reports about the emergence of new books being composed by new authors who would have had little opportunity to publish just a few years ago. But, not only can these people now publish with relative ease and minimal cost, but there is a market urging them to do so.

With the advent of electronic reading and e-books, on gadgets like Kindle, there is a terrific demand for reading material, and on –line book vendors are doing all they can to encourage would-be writers.

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Muzzle Loader Continues Tradition of Good Food

The Muzzle Loader's Famous Chicken Fried Steak... less than $10.00. Hand-breaded, made fresh daily and available for breakfast and dinner!

Boasting (and broasting various entrees), The Muzzle Loader's regionally famous, signature Chicken Fried Steak is by far it's largest ordered menu item on their menu. Brought to you sizzlin' hot, with your choice of vegetable, potato and either brown or cream gravy.

Ahhh, try one for breakfast with eggs, hash browns and your choice of fresh bread or toast. If you have one for dinner, it comes with a mini-loaf of bread.

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EERC to Launch New Mercury Control System

The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota announced that a major corporate partner, Midwest Energy Emissions Corporation (ME2C), a research-oriented mercury emission capture company based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is launching a new mercury control system. The sorbent enhancement additive (SEATM) injection technology originally developed by the EERC is being installed at a major power utility on the West Coast and will be commissioned this fall.

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Big Sky Business Journal Celebrates 30 Years in 2013

This month the Big Sky Business Journal is 30 years old.

Thirty years!

That's a long time. That's 720 issues.

It's been a wonderful experience. The challenges and deadlines have given Dennis and I a great window upon the community, as well as a thumb upon the heartbeat of the state. We have had an excuse to be eavesdroppers on the many business ventures in our midst, and to become acquainted

with the amazing people responsible for them, to marvel at their successes, and to note their contribution to the community. For that, we thank you.

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Local Author Hits 22nd On Amazon Top List

A lag in the housing and construction market may have prompted the emergence of a talented new author in Yellowstone County.

Ray Gorham of Shepherd, owner of Paramount Log Homes, confronted with the cancellation of some contracts in 2008, which meant he wasn't going to be very busy that winter, decided to write a book during his "down" time.

That book, 77 Days in September, has since sold 63,000 digital copies, and is ranked 22 on Amazon's top selling fiction list – and he has an agent who wants to publish the book in print.

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Montana Ranked Top for High Tech

Montana was recently recognized as among the states with the strongest innovation and high-tech “scenes” in the nation in a new report from the Chamber of Commerce. Montana was ranked fourth among the states best for entrepreneurship and innovation, following New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Texas was fifth.

The fastest growing in jobs, income and economy were Alaska, the Dakotas and Wyoming.

“The Atlantic” recognized that the top states tend to be “resource-rich and people-light” and as such most are in the Western US, including Arizona, Idaho, California and Washington which also filled out the top ten.

“The Eastern Time Zone entrants are Virginia and Maryland, the bread in the federal government sandwich, and the beneficiaries of government largesse in the form of science investment, IT consulting, and defense contracting,” wrote “The Atlantic.”

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Noted DJ, Lonnie Bell Publishes Autobiography

Lonnie Bell is a Billings icon.

As one of the first country music disc jockeys in the US, Bell has written a book about his life and his insights into the world of country music. Entitled "Slidin' along with Lonnie Bell — A Personal History of the Roots of Country Music" —a limited number of copies are now available through Billings' KGHL Radio AM-790, which is publishing the book.

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Montana Tech Sees Boost from Bakken

Oil drilling in the Bakken and Elm Coulee is a long ways from many Montana cities, but its impact has reverberated statewide, and certainly in Butte at Montana Tech.

While our experience is just one of the ripple effects of the increased Bakken activity, it has proven to be a good one for a growing number of young Montana men and women.

It was about 2002 that Montana Tech began to see a spike in interest in its petroleum engineering program. Drilling activity in the Elm Coulee was a spark for it. In 2002, the department had an enrollment of 130 students. By 2011, Montana Tech had grown to be eighth in size out of 19 U.S. undergraduate petroleum engineering schools. This fall, we're at an all-time high enrollment of 350 students.

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At Stake: Nothing Less than Our Future

athabascaThe ground around Fort McMurray in the far reaches of Alberta Canada is so saturated with oil (bitumen) that one can feel it yield under foot no matter where you walk. To stand still in one spot, one experiences the sensation of sinking.

Watching a heavy truck pass over, one can see the surface convulse, sinking beneath the truck’s wheels and then springing back in its wake; because there is so much bitumen incorporated in the soil, it is elastic. 

The devastation of a gigantic oil spill? Not at all. It’s all natural.

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Market Update

1 DOW 20,707.94
+48.62 (0.24%)    
2 S&P 2,366.94
+5.81 (0.25%)    
3 NASDAQ 5,907.92
+10.38 (0.18%)    
4 MDU 27.01
-0.15 (-0.55%)    
5 SWC 17.30
-0.05 (-0.26%)    
6 EBMT 19.95
-0.25 (-1.24%)    
7 FIBK 40.05
+1.10 (2.82%)    
8 GBCI 34.11
+1.38 (4.22%)