SEIU Texas filed for bankruptcy over the weekend following a $7.8 million judgement in a lawsuit brought by a janitorial service company the union sought to destroy.
Professional Janitorial Services (PJS) Houston argues that SEIU International, with its $300 million-a-year budget, should be forced to pay. So it filed dozens of choice SEIU emails with a Harris County court meant to show that headquarters was running the show.
The SEIU’s lawyers argued that the bankruptcy filing meant those records had to be kept secret, but Judge Erin Lunceford allowed them to enter the public record without so much as a redaction. The internal emails show that SEIU has continued to wage warfare against PJS, both for undercutting its unionized competitors with low bids, and because company executives dared to support a Texas bill that would end government-forced collection of union dues.
The dispute will now move into federal bankruptcy court.

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